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I want to thank my wonderful health coach Ingrid for her help in becoming 'new me ' ;-)) I lost those 12 pounds that I wanted to loose 3 months ago, I look great, I like myself , I feel energetic. The most important part - I have changed my eating habits and mentality about food. I watch what and how much I eat and I will never go back to snacking on just any cookie or fast food .. Ingrid is my great coach and a good friend from now on ! Vera Stoddard

You are a wonderful Trainer and an inspiration to others! I know you will have great success with your new business. Congratulations! Jen

Ingrid is an unquestionable treasure as a personal trainer. Having experienced a myriad of gyms, workout centers and personal trainers, I’m aware of the unprofessional, inexperienced and ‘car salesman’ types that saturate the market. Having always worked out, been very active in my lifestyle, I was brutally confronted with a debilitating health crisis. Upon getting past my core issues, my body was in shambles after being in a wheelchair for over four years.
Ingrid approached me with a diligent professionalism and sincere sense of openness that one rarely gets to experience in our present world. She exhibits a genuineness of expertise and knowledge that she has personally experienced and developed. It is the first time in five years that I am making progressive strides on a very consistent and tolerable basis. There are no words that can convey my gratitude. She is an undeniable rare gem. Thank you with all my heart. Laurel L

Thx for getting me on track to being a better me!! Mary S

Ingrid, You can’t put a price on what you have done for me! Stella B

I have encountered some truly incredible people in my lifetime; each of whom has taught me valuable lessons and filled my heart with love. However, on this occasion, I would like to honor Ingrid Saenger. You have challenged me to rebuild something once broken, refocus and recommit to my fitness, and inspired me to take on a new journey rooted in helping others through fitness. Today I honor and thank you. Alexis Bittar